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1Parent Selector Column  v.2.22Development / Components & Libraries$150.00Shareware1.86 Mb
2SharePoint Column Protector  v.1.1.1Business / Project Management$150.00Shareware1.17 Mb
3SharePoint Discussion Column  v.1.5.820.0Business / Miscellaneous$179.00Shareware238 Kb
4SharePoint Column Permission  v. / Applications$199.00Shareware4.05 Mb
5Discussion Column for SharePoint  v.1.62Development / Components & Libraries$100.00Shareware1.46 Mb
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1Parent Selector Column  v.2.22Development / Components & Libraries$150.00SharewareDetail

Parent Selector Column is intended to lookup to self (containing list) in order to display hierarchical data. Main difference with standard SharePoint Lookup is absence of own item (standard SharePoint Lookup contains own item).

1.86 Mb
2Cascaded Lookup Column  v.2.44Development / Components & Libraries$300.00SharewareDetail

Cascaded Lookup Column is intended to enhance standard SharePoint lookup functionality. Component allows building relationship between parent and child columns, the data selected in one field will determine the options presented in another.

2.12 Mb
3SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup Pack  v. / Server Tools$359.00SharewareDetail

Feature Cross-Site Lookup Cross-Site Lookup other lists from different sites Two way conversion among SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup column, SharePoint Cascaded Lookup column and SharePoint default lookup column Filter field values by selecting list

205 Kb
4SharePoint Column Protector 2010  v. / MiscellaneousFreeFreewareDetail

SharePoint Column Protector 2010 is an utiltity which helps SharePoint admins to extend security management capabilities. By default, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010/Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 allows you to manage permissions at the level

0 Kb
5SharePoint Column/View Permission  v.2.2.811.0Business / Project Management$199.00SharewareDetail

SharePoint Column Permission assigns users/groups read/edit permission to list columns. SharePoint default permission setting does not define column permissions. SharePoint Permission Boost controls column permissions by overwriting some control

303 Kb
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1Parent Selector Column  v.2.22Development / Components & Libraries$150.00Shareware1.86 Mb

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2List Search Web Part  v.1.00Development / Components & Libraries$400.00Shareware3 Mb

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3SharePoint Column Protector 2010  v. / MiscellaneousFreeFreeware0 Kb

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4KPI Column  v.1.5Development / Components & Libraries$150.00Shareware1.89 Mb

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5KPI or Key Performance Indicator Column  v.1.3Development / Components & Libraries$150.00Shareware1.53 Mb